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MBA Accounting for Managers
Financial and Managerial Accounting Lecture Notes
Financial Accounting I
Accounting for Managers by Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology
Managerial Accounting by Dr. Varadraj Bapat
An introduction to the study of political economy
Accounting Principles Managerial Accounting
Cost and Management Accounting
Management Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Accounting Principles A Business Perspective Chapter 1 to 9
Accounting Principles A Business Perspective Chapter 9 to 18
Management Accounting Concepts and Techniques
Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting
Financial Accounting
Accounting Notes
Financial Accounting Lecture Notes
Managerial Cost Accounting Resources
Money and Banking by Horace White
Lecture notes in Money, Banking and Finance
Fundamental of Banking
Four Lectures on Central Banking
Banking and Indian Financial System
Principles of Insurance and Banking
Bank Management
Banking Regulation Its Purposes, Implementation, and Effects
Basics Of Banking And Insurance
Banking principles and practice
Bank Management and Portfolio Behavior
Money and Banking by Dr Robert E Wright
Banking and currency
Overview of Banking Industry in India
Elements of banking
Money and Banking Lecture Notes
Business Statistics
Business Analysis Using Financial Statements Lecture Notes
An Introduction to Business Mathematics
Business Legislation
International Business by Mason Carpenter
Business Intelligence Solution for Business Development
Business Communication
A first book in business methods
Business Economics
Exploring Business
Quantitative Techniques For Business
A Primer on Sustainable Business
Business Communication for Success
Business Communication for Success
Challenges to Business in the Twenty First Century
Business Dynamics in the 21st Century
Increasing Human Efficiency in Business
The A B C's of business
Business Arithmetic
The Age of Big Business A Chronicle of the Captains of Industry
The business man's encyclopedia
Guide to Enterprise Risk Management
Creating Capital Money making as an aim in business
Higher Education and Business Standards
High Tech Europe The Politics of International Cooperation
International Trade Theory and Evidence
Morals in trade and commerce
E Commerce by G.chaitanya
Survey of e commerce technology
Secure Electronic Commerce Lecture Notes
Internet Programme for E Commerce
E commerce Management
E Commerce Notes
E commerce by Kyeong Kang
e Commerce and e Business
An introduction to e commerce and distributed applications
E Commerce An Introduction
eMarketing The Essential Guide to Online Marketing
E Business Applications and Global Acceptance
Blog Your Way To The Top Of Your Home Business Organization
E Business Lecture Notes
Hackers, Hits and Chats An E Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of Terms
Modern business methods
Principles of Economics Study Material
Principles of Economics Lecture Notes
Introduction to Statistical Methods in Economics Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes Microeconomic Theory
Notes for a Course in Development Economics
Introduction To Microeconomics
Advances in Econometrics Theory and Applications
Teaching Economics in India
Economic Theory
Macro Economics I Study Material
Economic Analysis
Managerial Economics by Pondicherry University
Mathematics For Economic Analysis
Outlines of economics
Principles of Economics
Economics Theory Through Applications
Microeconomics Markets, Methods and Models
Ethics and Economy After Levinas
Principles of Microeconomics I
International Economics
Economics Class Notes
Introductory Macroeconomics
Introduction to Economic Analysis
Principles of Microeconomics
Managerial Economics
Political Economy Lecture Notes (PDF 569P)
Principles Of Political Economy
Economics Notes
The Settlement of Wage Disputes
A Treatise on Domestic Economy, For the Use of Young Ladies at Home, and At School
Entrepreneurship Practice Oriented Perspectives
Entrepreneurship Management by University of Mumbai
Entrepreneurship Development and New Enterprise Management
Entrepreneurship Development
Entrepreneurial Development
Entrepreneurship Management
Entrepreneurship Education and Training
Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
The Entrepreneur's Guide to a Biotech Startup
Entrepreneurship Born, Made and Educated
Entrepreneurship Creativity and Innovative Business Models
Regulating Entrepreneurial Behaviour in European Health Care Systems
Entrepreneurial Behavior Transforming an Innovative Idea into an Entrepreneurial Product
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization
Business Environment And Entrepreneurship (PDF 430P)
Entrepreneurship and self help among black Americans A reconsideration of race and economics
Introduction to Finance by J L Rosenthal
Computer Intensive Methods For Stochastic Models in Finance
Personal Finance Lectures
Financial Management
Theory of Finance I
Introduction to Finance
Financial Derivatives and Banking
Lecture Notes for Finance
Indian Financial System
Personal Finance Supplementary Reading Material
International Financial Management
Global Financial Markets and Instruments
Financial Management
Introduction to public finance
Analytics of Finance
International Financial Environment
International Finance by Hartley Withers
Personal Finance by Rachel Siegel
International Finance Theory and Policy
The A B C of finance or The money and labor questions familiarly explained to common people
Effects of Information Technology on Financial Services Systems
Finance Theory I
Lecture Notes in Finance 2
Finance Theory II
Personal Finance
Lecture Notes Financial Econometrics (PDF 554P)
Financial Econometrics
Strategic Financial Management
Financial Planning by Swapna Mirashi
Personal Financial Planning
Management of Financial Services
Financial Management by Pondicherry University
Financial Management by Prof. Jonathan Lewellen
Financial Management Of Business Expansion, Combination and Acquisition
Financial Management by Svetlana Saksonova
Profit Planning And Control In Public Enterprises In India
Lecture notes on Financial Markets (PDF 82P)
Financial Management
What is Financial Planning (PDF 19P)
Organizational Management
Industrial Organization Lecture Notes
Graduate Career Management Guide
Management of Industrial Relations
Organisational Change And Interventions
Government Regulation of Industry
Organizational Behavior
Principles of industrial organization
Lecture Notes on Industrial Organization
Readings in industrial organization and public policy
Industrial Organization
Industrial Organization and Public Policy Lecture Notes
How they succeeded life stories of successful men told by themselves
Investment and Portfolio Management
Investment, Capital, and Finance
Investments Notes
Investment Analysis by Gareth D. Myles
How To Invest Money
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Fundamentals Of Investment
The art of investment
Investment Analysis
The Mathematics of Investment
Investments Lecture Notes
Management Concepts and Organisational Behaviour by St. Xaviers College
The Theory of Operations Management
Advanced Communication for Leaders
Retail Marketing
Advertising Management
Management Concepts and Organizational Behaviour
Management Principles
Optimization Methods in Management Science Lecture Notes
Project Management from Simple to Complex
Project Planning, Analysis and Management
Information Systems A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology
Principles of Management by Andy Schmitz
Mastering Strategic Management Saylor Academy
Services Operations Management
The Psychology of Management
Practical Leadership
Electronic Engagement A Guide for Public Sector Managers
Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations, and Society
Managing Groups and Teams
Introduction to Principles of Management
Organizational Leadership and Change
Advertising And Sales Promotion
Principles of marketing by Fred Emerson Clark
Marketing by Dr Steve Williams
Marketing Management by Pondicherry University
Internet Marketing Text
Rural Marketing
Marketing Management by Guru Jambheshwar University
Sales Management
Core Concepts of Marketing
Sales Management An Overview
An Introduction to Financial Market
Services Marketing
The Power of Selling
Principles of Marketing by Saylor Foundation
Advertising and Promotion in Real Time
The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues
Essentials Of Selling
Information Technology Applications in Marketing
Principles of Marketing
The Challenger SaleTaking Control of the Customer Conversation
Marketing Management
International Marketing
Lecture Notes and Case Studies for Real Estate Analysis
Real Estate Economics
Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Finance
Estate Planning
Estate Planning Principles Agricultural Business Management
Real Estate Finance and Investment
Real Estate Capital Markets Lecture Notes
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Online Books
Online Books
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